About Us

Administrative & Care Services

Clif Messerschmidt. MHA, QDDP, CPG (Agency Director) is an accomplished long term care consultant and client advocate. In addition to being a certified professional guardian, he has over 8 years as a long-term care consultant specializing in the needs of developmentally disabled nursing home residents and 15 years experience providing case management, program management and oversight to organizations providing support to the elderly and/or individuals with developmental disabilities.  His background also includes six years experience as a Supported Living Evaluator with DSHS/Division of Residential Care Services and the Developmental Disabilities Administration. Clif earned a Masters in Health Administration degree from Chapman University in 2004. He has been a certified professional guardian (CPG) since January 2007. Clif oversees all aspects of the operation of the agency, and provides feedback and decision making on complex matters.

Adam Gamble (Care Manager) is our newest team member, focusing on the care needs of the clients. Adam is an Olympia native.

Financial Services

Steve Depner, CFP, CPG (Financial Consultant) is a former bank trust officer, adding a wealth of financial knowledge and expertise to the team.  Steve earned a bachelor of science in business administration degree from the Montana State University in 1983. He also received a Certified Financial Planner designation in 1994. Steve is a designated certified professional guardian with the Agency.

Melissa McDermott (Financial Manager) assists with the management of financial and medical/personal affairs for clients. She works with DSHS, the Veteran’s Administration, Social Security, tribal governments, private and public pension and insurance agencies to ensure all eligibility requirements are met. Melissa is working on becoming a certified professional guardian.

Greg Zikas (Client Accounts) assists with the management of financial affairs for clients, specifically paying individuals’ bills, DSHS eligibility reviews, Social Security representative payee reporting and VA accountings.

Support Services

Kana Shephard, MPA (Operations Manager) brings over 18 years of executive level support to the overall management of the agency. Kana earned his bachelors from Fairhaven College, and a Masters in Public Administration from The Evergreen State College in 2005. Kana is also working on becoming a certified professional guardian.

Patrick Brownlee (Office Assistant) provides support to the Agency Directors, and other staff, with all aspects of the agency’s operations, especially by maintaining the filing system, conducting quality control audits, and assisting with special projects.